3 Step Yoga Standing Technique tm

The only surf camp with the unique "3 Step Yoga Standing Technique",
taught exclusively by our experienced surf instructors enables our students
to mentally ingrain a smoother and quicker way to stand up on a surfboard!

Benefits of the - "3 Step Yoga Standing Technique"

- BETTER BALANCE,  by keeping your eyes looking forward enables
you to have the proper mechanics.

- LESS STRESS ON THE BACK, unlike other surf camps that teaches
the  "POP UP" technique.

- FASTER PROGRESSION,  our students spend less time riding white wash
and can begin riding the wave.

- Details of  Each Step -

1. Cobra strike - STRENGTHENS and STRETCHES  the core(abs) and arms from paddling.
Yoga Benefits - Helps with breathing, relieves stress, and fatigue. 

2. Rising Dolphin - A critical and very important  "transition state".
Yoga Benefits - Less stress on the back, stretches the hamstring,  calves,  & hips. Calms the mind. 

3. Crouching Tiger Lunge - Slide your front foot forward.
Yoga Benefits - Stretches the groin, arms, and legs.

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